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13 women from Borsigplatz tell their stories / Göç. Borsigplatz'da yaşayan 13 kadının dilinden Nuriye Akdağ, Satı Avcı, Güzide Bozbaş Saniye Çekirdekçi, Güler Dağ, Nazende Doğan, Ayşe Gül, Türkan Gül, Zübeyde Kafadar, Jale Kırdök, Ayten Özmen, Feride Özden and Nejla Sefünc - these are the protagonists of the [...]
Globalisation phenomena can be recorded scientifically and expressed in figures. The effects on the global community, on the other hand, are more difficult to depict: Relationships between people remain opaque - regardless of whether they take place in spatial proximity or are mediated across spatial distances through the [...]
In the SIS+BROs project, twenty youths and young adults from eight countries - mostly with refugee experience and aged between 13 and 21 - expressed their individual experiences and perspectives on the topic of "globality" in photographs. An additional photo exchange with friends from other countries resulted in a [...]
Global Me explores the tension between the local and the global self with future educators. The starting point was portraits. The exhibition shows the portrait photos processed with different materials in order to approach possible answers to the following questions: Who is standing there? How are we linked to others? How [...]
Photography has become a global visual language like no other medium. It is read, exchanged and communicated across cultural borders. Since its invention, it has constructed our view of the world. However, it does not only act as a universal medium of information and communication. Photography also serves to visualise our [...]
Projektraum Fotografie is showing the work "13 Portraits" by Fatih Kurçeren. Taken in the Ruhr region, it deals with people of different origins. Fatih Kurçeren photographed refugees in sensitive portraits that make the trauma they experienced visible. People mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia are [...]
Utopia, dystopia or long since reality? The concept of "globality" must be negotiated from different angles in order to be able to reflect on its effects and dimensions. Is globality the consequence of world-spanning technological, social and cultural networks? Can its traces already be experienced in local [...]
...boat, container, club, train, net, etc. Eight students from the Ruhrakademie shed light on global phenomena and omnipresent networks. The individual works, partly documentary, partly subjective narrative, fit together like puzzle pieces to form a complex overall picture. The world of goods and consumption is thematised in [...]
The participatory project Cross Stitching initiated by the artist Iris Wolf brought people of different ages and cultural backgrounds together. The workshops focused on a creative exploration of photography and embroidery. Using the photos they had brought with them, the participants got into conversation with each [...]
How can the African continent be described and made visible today? A continent that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time? The exhibition "POINT OF..." is dedicated to this question, detached from traditional patterns of representation, photographic conventions and Western-influenced visual habits. To this end, the [...]
The term "Utopia", coined by Sir Thomas Morus in 1516, describes a society in which common ideologies and principles apply and in which the value of private property and money is to be abolished. Since the 1960s, a variety of communities around the world have attempted to translate this abstract intellectual notion into [...]
In three seminars of the Photography & Multimedia departments at the Department of Art & Art History at TU Dortmund University, students worked on very multi-layered projects with different focuses on the topic of "globality" in the winter semester 2022/23. In Julia Unkel's portrait seminar, the focus was on locating [...]
As part of the photo project "Don't we know each other?", a cooperation with the Dortmund Adult Education Centre was initiated for the first time. In several courses, the global was to be made tangible in the local. Finally approaching each other again and seeking new encounters. Portrait photography in particular was the [...]
The starting point is the idea of total visibility of the world through photographic images. The sheer mass and immediate dissemination, however, makes everything depicted equally unimportant and invisible. So what can photography still achieve in this day and age? The exhibition brings together artists whose works radiate a [...]
The fashion show advertised as the "ADIDAS Realitywear" launch generated international coverage at this year's Berlin Fashion Week. This guerrilla intervention was staged by the artist/activist collective "The Yes Men" in cooperation with the Berlin design team "Threads and Tits" and the labour rights organisation "Clean [...]
3,017 kilometres, the distance between Dortmund and Tbilisi, Georgia. The group exhibition "Everyday Life in a Networked World" shows 18 positions of young photographers from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Some of the works were created during this year's excursion of the photojournalism [...]

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